dirmirror: A directory structure mirroring utility.

This program allows one to make an exact copy of a given directory structure, ignoring all files and symlinks. If the target directory is a subdirectory of the source directory (regardless of depth), the target directory will not be mirrored.

How is it useful?

Sometimes one wants to duplicate a large (or small) directory tree without duplicating all of the files contained in the hierarchy. This tool allows one to do this with minimal effort and acts quasi-intelligently to prevent infinite copying loops that can occur in certain situations.

How do I use it?

To build the program, use the following command:

g++ -o dirmirror dirmirror.cpp
The syntax for dirmirror is as follows:
dirmirror <source directory> <target directory>

Where can I get it?

The source code for dirmirror is available for download below.

Please see the CHANGELOG included in the distribution for more information.

Contact the author

dirmirror was written by Adam Jensen <ajensen at linuxguy dot org>.